Thursday, 23 February 2017

Storm Doris Strikes!

It was so windy this morning that a smaller number of stall holders turned up for the market - and when I came by just now at lunch time, two fire engines were there, and the firemen were dismantling the remaining stalls to stop them from blowing away!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

At Last! Work on the New School Begins!

Here's the "before" picture, and this is what it looks like today....

The recycling facilities have gone, and the fence has gone up. (Lucky I went down on the weekend with the twigs from my garden!)

Monday, 20 February 2017

Cusop History Group Meeting

This time it's Dark Age Herefordshire....

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Independence Celebrations!

On 1st April, 1977, Richard Booth declared Hay to be an independent Kingdom, with himself as King.
Which is something worth celebrating on the 40th Anniversary!

So events are planned over the weekend of 31st March to 3rd April.
On the Friday night there will be a reception at Booths Bookshop, to which all the book sellers in town have been invited.
The Old Electric Shop will be doing literary cocktails.
Deborah Moggach will be the castaway in the Globe's version of Desert Island Discs on the Friday evening. The Globe will also be hosting a panel discussion on the Saturday afternoon for booklovers, and a booksellers' brunch buffet on Sunday morning.
The children of Hay School will be having a fancy dress parade, dressed as their favourite book characters.
The original Hay flag will be hoisted in the Honesty Gardens in front of Hay Castle, and knighthoods will be given out (it is hoped King Richard will be able to attend).
A book art co-operative will be displaying their work in book shop windows around town.
And on Instagram, the organisers want to make this the largest bookstagram meet-up ever.

They also hope to make this an annual affair.
Let's celebrate Hay-on-Wye and second hand books!

Friday, 17 February 2017

We Love Our Library!

Here's the banner that the children of Hay School made, on the night of the last big meeting about the Library.
The date for the next meeting, when HOWLS will become a proper, unincorporated, organisation with a constitution and a management committee, has now been set. It will be at 7pm on Monday 6th March, in Hay Library. The 6th March is also World Book Day.
This will give them, they hope, more of a voice when they are talking to Powys County Council.
Anyone who would like to contact HOWLS should email

I'm kind of wishing I could clone myself, as 6th March is also the date of the next Council Meeting, also at 7pm.
At any rate, I'm thinking of dressing as one of my favourite characters from literature for World Book Day. I thought Rev. Merrily Watkins would be quite easy to do - basically black and a cross - from the Phil Rickman books. Blessings I can do at once - exorcisms will take a little longer!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hurrah for Local Tradesmen!

My toilet wouldn't flush.
You may think this is Too Much Information - after all, we tend to take toilets for granted until they don't work. I'd been jiggling the handle for a while, and one day even the jiggling didn't work.
So I looked in Yellow Pages for a plumber. The firm I got through to didn't have a plumber in the area on that day, but I asked for a quote anyway....
and after I'd said "How much?!" and put the phone down, I remembered that I know a local plumber. So I phoned Stewart Powles.

Some time ago, he was one of the people putting in a bathroom in the cottage next door but one to me. At that time, the three gardens at the back were open to each other, and my dog could still run about. I used to leave the front door open so she could go and sun herself on the flagstones in front of the house, and back then the side door to the back gardens was usually left open as well.
Stewart Powles was lying on the floor of the bathroom, doing something under the sink, when he heard a thunder of paws coming up the stairs. A moment later, his ear was being licked, and Islay was looking over his shoulder to see what he was doing. Just as well that he likes dogs!

So he came round, found the problem, popped down to Huws Grey for the right part, fitted it - and charged me about half what the other company had quoted.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

The photo of Booths Bookshop window was taken by Emanation Smith, and was created by Sarah Putt.