Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Something that started with American celebrities has already come to Hay - I've seen videos on Facebook of Rob Golesworthy and Steve Like taking the challenge, and I even saw one of the postmen dashing to a Post Office van to collect his dry clothes after he'd been drenched. Gareth Ratcliffe has done it too.
And now, anybody can have a go!
There's going to be an organised Ice Bucket Challenge at the War Memorial at 6.30pm on Thursday evening. The advert says to bring a bucket and a towel, but water will be provided (and ice, presumably!). I'm not sure which charity this is going to benefit, because the challenge has broadened out considerably from the original ALS/Motor Neurone Disease awareness idea.
Let's hope it's a warm evening!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Road Update

I didn't manage to get to Hereford over the weekend, but my sources tell me that the road is open again, and the new re-surfacing between Hardwicke and Dorstone is a great improvement!
I think there may be a Council meeting tonight, but I'm still feeling Not Quite Right after a migraine last week that knocked the stuffing out of me, so I'm afraid there won't be a report this month.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Persimmon Homes at Gypsy Castle

More housing for Hay, it seems, as Persimmon Homes have put a flyer in the latest Wye Local to advertise a public consultation on proposed new houses off Gypsy Castle Lane. The site is at present a field on the edge of town. They will be at the Parish Hall from 12 noon to 7pm on Wednesday 10th September. Comments on the plans are invited until 26th September.
I wonder how these plans fit in with the Local Development Plan.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Small Business Saturday

Llewelyn and Co, at the end of High Town. Before the home furnishings, this shop sold chocolates for a while.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Going Round Some Strange Bends

There have been diversions on the roads around Hardwicke all week, as the roads are mended. It's been leading the buses up some very narrow lanes, and apparently, if you want to go to Hardwicke from Hay, you have to go all the way to Hereford and get a special shuttle bus back!
I've seen a couple of confused customers in the shop, who weren't sure where they were, and had taken a lot longer to get to Hay than they bargained for. It seems that Hardwicke is a real bottle-neck on the route to Hay from Hereford via the Golden Valley, and the only alternative routes are single track. Not very easy for a bus to get round.
I was thinking of going into Hereford again tomorrow - I still need printing ink that I can't get in Hay (the replacement cartridge didn't work either - if the next one doesn't work, I'll have to assume that it's the printer that's at fault). They may have finished the work on the road by then, but I'll take emergency rations along just in case!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Events in September

On one side of the border, there's h.Art coming up from 6th to the 14th September, with open studios, exhibitions and workshops all over Herefordshire. Right here in Hay we have the Caemawr Studio opening, on the lane down to the Offa's Dyke path near the car park, and opposite the Castle. There's a picture of Hay Castle, painted by Gaynor Funnell, in the brochure, along with a portrait by Eugene Fisk. Other artists are Sarah Putt, Mary Simpson and Tracy Thursfield - all of them worth a look.
Meanwhile in Glasbury, at the River Cafe, Sophie Windham is exhibiting her paintings, and in Clifford at Walkers Cottage there are paintings and drawings by Veronique Avon, Ellie Ling, and Martina Jirankova-Limbrick. They're doing refreshments in the cottage garden, too.
Also in Clifford is Chris Armstrong, the furniture maker, sharing The Workshop at Paddock House with Benjamin Hills, and over the river in Brilley is Maureen Richardson with her paper and jewellery from found materials.
And in Brecknock at the same time, it's History Week. Hay is taking part in this over the weekend of 5th to the 7th September, with a showing of the film Resistance, and several World War I and II events, as well as vintage stalls, a Hay Castle open day and a pop-up museum.
And later in the month, we will have visitors from Timbuktu again, in the shape of the Malian Honorary Consul. There will also be a film night at the Globe, and shops around town are being asked to have Malian themed windows, as they did last September (I wonder where those Malian flags went....).

Monday, 25 August 2014

Exhibition at Hereford Library, and Fire Engines

I wasn't only enjoying myself at the Flavours of Herefordshire Festival on Saturday - I also found time to visit the World War One exhibition at Hereford Library, where two little girls were playing at nurses in the military tent that had been set up in the exhibition space. There were lots of exhibits relating the war to the local area, too - Herefordshire was an important place for feeding the nation in a time of national shortages. There's a permanent exhibition of paintings by a local artist who served in the First World War (I'm afraid I forget his name) and I'm sure there were more paintings on display than there normally are.

And, back in the main square, the firemen were collecting signatures for their petition to keep both fire engines for Hereford. Because one fire engine really isn't enough for the city.