Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Somewhere to Play and Something to Read

 I met an old friend by the river, and he told me about the new play park they've been working to create in Glasbury.  It includes equipment for adults to use as well as children, so I told him about the play area on Gosmore Road in Clehonger which recently had all their equipment upgraded, including some gym equipment in one corner for the adults.

They've also been involved in adopting a local disused phone box, to use as a book exchange.  People have also been putting up posters there, and poems and pictures.  I'd just been down to put a couple of books on the shelf under the bridge that appeared at the beginning of lockdown, and which has been very well used.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Mad Hatters Craft Fairs

 The Buttermarket is being booked for events again, as well as the stalls for the Thursday market.

On Sunday the first of a series of Mad Hatters Craft Fairs was held there - I think they're happening every two weeks or so until November.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Stitch and Bitch in a Garden

Last Thursday was the usual evening for Stitch and Bitch.  Since March, this has been done by Zoom meetings, but this time one of the ladies offered the use of her garden.  

It was lovely to see everybody in the flesh again.  Chairs and tables had been set out in a big circle on the lawn so we could stay well distanced.   We all brought our own drinks.

One lady brought her spinning wheel, and was demonstrating to another lady who was interested in learning how to do it.  There was also knitting, and rug hooking, and I had my lucet.  Another lady was taking a duvet apart, for reasons which seemed good to her at the time!

Although the forecast had been fine, there were a couple of times that we sat through a light drizzle, but it soon cleared up.

It was a lovely, relaxing evening, and we will be watching the weather forecast for the beginning of next month to see if we can do it again.

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Virtual Tour Hay Castle 2020

I missed the live Zoom tour (I think I was on a bus coming home from Hereford at the time), but a friend sent me the link to the Youtube video.  It's fascinating to see what they've done so far.  I've been in every part of the Castle except the Victorian wine cellar (now stripped back to the Medieval stone), so that part was especially interesting, especially with the evidence for the original gate to the castle.
And the views from the top of the tower!  I'm a bit scared of heights, but when that viewing platform is open I will certainly make the effort to get up there!

Friday, 7 August 2020

Keeping up to Date with Opening Times

 Lief van der Baan has created a new website to keep track of all the different opening times for Hay's shops, takeaways, pubs and cafes.

It can be found at

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Trip to Hereford

I've now travelled into Hereford three times in a week (there were things I wasn't able to do in one day, so I had to go back), which was quite an adventure since I've not left Hay since March.

It did not start well - I went to the bus stop to check the times, and discovered (after waiting for half an hour for a bus that didn't come) that the timetables at the bus stops are wrong.
The true timetable is online, and a friend who lives across the road from the bus stop told me that the bus from Hereford and the bus from Brecon both come in at twenty to eleven and turn round in the car park before picking up new passengers.
So I returned at twenty to eleven, and got on the bus.  
Masks are now mandatory on the buses.
They don't seem to do the Powys Rover any more, so I got a Return ticket to Hereford, and they really want you to pay with the exact money.  It is also possible to pay with a card now.
About half the seats in the bus have a cardboard sleeve round them to ask passengers not to sit there - the bus I was on each time was limited to 19 passengers in total.  People mostly followed the rules, but some didn't seem to notice the signs.

Once in Hereford, I did the business I needed to do.  Masks must be worn in all the shops and banks and so on.
I also thought I might check out the charity shops, but didn't have much luck there.  Some seem to be still closed.  Others, like the Cancer Research, have moved out completely.  I did get a good quality sheet at the RSPCA shop, and a couple of bits at the Blue Cross.  I didn't have time to check out the charity shops along St Owen Street.
There's a new comic specialist on Hereford Indoor Market.
Laura Ashley is having their Closing Down Sale, and the shoe shop tReds and Hawkins Bazaar have also closed down - I used to go in Hawkins Bazaar occasionally for frivolous things like Star Wars merchandise.  Speaking of frivolous purchases, I went into Waterstones to buy the Good Omens Script Book, and also bought an original series Star Trek communicator.  I have wanted one since I was six years old!  It makes noises - but I can't quite flip the top up like Captain Kirk did on TV.
I was very pleased to see the wool stall in the square - I used up every scrap of wool in my house over lockdown and I've been itching to do more with my lucet and round loom (I'm not sure what I'm making yet - but it's going to be a very long tube!)
I had enough time for a quick half before the bus back home (quarter past two from the Railway Station), so I stopped outside the Imperial to read the instructions there.  They want customers to use an app to order from the bar, and the drink will be brought to the table.  I don't have a mobile phone, so I stuck my head round the door to ask if it was possible to order from the bar if I didn't have the app.  The staff looked deeply uncomfortable about this - and one of them asked me for my home phone number, if I didn't have a mobile.  I didn't see how this would help, since my home phone was an hour's bus ride away - so I came away.
Instead, I went to the Litchfield Vaults, where it is possible to order and pay at the bar.  I sat outside in their little beer garden at the back and enjoyed my half of Wainwright's Golden Ale.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

New Bowls Club House

Work has begun on the new Bowls Club House, which is being built at right angles to the present Sports Pavilion.  To keep the costs down, the club members are going to be doing a lot of the work themselves.
I understand that Hay Council will be using the Sports Pavilion to meet in the future, as the Council Chambers is now up for sale.