Wednesday, 29 October 2014


This looks as if it's going to be a lot of fun!
There will be a screening of the classic 1922 silent movie Nosferatu on the 7th November, at 7pm - at St Mary's Church.
Even better, Father Richard will be at the organ, providing live musical accompaniment! The chap who was bringing the posters round town said that he's heard Father Richard rehearsing - and the music is spine-chilling!
Cost of entrance is £5, and proceeds are going to the organ fund.
Jo Eliot, of the Film Society, has organised this, supported by Film Hub Wales and Film Audience Network. She'll be giving a short introduction to the film.
The poster adds an important reminder - bring your own cushion! The audience will be sitting on the church pews.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Red Kite over the Wye

After the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo, we've had some mild, sunny spells around Hay, so I went down by the Wye on the Offa's Dyke Path the other day. When I came out of the trees and into the meadow, I stood for a while on the river bank. I thought at first that a buzzard was wheeling over the tree tops - they're common enough around here, but then I saw that distinctive forked tail, and knew it was a red kite, putting on a show just for me.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The First World War, Week By Week

I was chatting to one of the members of the History Society, in the gateway to the Cheesemarket, the other day. I hadn't realised it, but he's been putting an A4 poster on the noticeboard once a week showing the history of Hay in the First World War exactly one hundred years ago. I didn't get a chance to look at this week's poster at the time, because there was a market stall in the way, but I'll be back to read it as soon as I can. "We're just getting to the first deaths," he said. "There are some interesting obituaries."
The History Society are also running a pub crawl during the Hay Winter Festival at the end of November (more details nearer the time) and this year's Smith-Soldat Lecture will be on Waterloo, as it's almost the 200th anniversary of that battle.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Small Business Saturday

Another recent addition to the stalls by the Clock Tower is Grandma Bees skin balm.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Cider Bread and other Bargains

I've been into Hereford to do a few essential bits and pieces I can't do in Hay. Friday is market day in High Town, and since I nearly always miss Alex Gooch's bread in Hay I had a look at the bread stall there. The lady must have had twenty different sorts of loaf on display, one of which was cider bread, which sounded intriguing, so I've bought a loaf to try along with a more conventional wholemeal.
I think the charity shops in the centre of Hereford are going a bit up-market! I found some lovely bronze coloured spoons in Hay at a stall under the Cheesemarket a while ago, and I've been looking for knives and forks to go with them - but the only charity shops that had any cutlery at all were the Martha Trust shop near the old cinema, and a set of six forks in Oxfam. So I'll just have to keep searching.
Back in Hay, I treated myself to some cookbooks from Backfold Books Retirement Sale, including a Culpeper's Herbal which is much nicer than the paperback Wordsworth Classics version I used to have. Culpeper has the best line in any herbal I know, under the entry for Nettles: "Nettles are so well known that they need no description; they may be found, by feeling, in the darkest night."

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Up-Coming Events

There are a few interesting events happening around Hallowe'en, starting on Thursday with the next meeting of the University of Cusop Dingle. They'll be at the Swan at 7.30pm, with Mollie Lord talking about the contrast between Ayervedic and Western Medicine.
On Hallowe'en itself Phil Rickman and Barbara Erskine will be at Booth Books at 6pm, talking about ghosts, and Phil will be launching his new book, Night After Night. This is a free but ticketted event, and I already have my ticket.
The day after that, November 1st, is the Big Skill at the Globe, with lots of different local crafts on show. This again is free to get in, but of course there will be lots of beautiful and useful things to buy - in nice time for Christmas!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Grand Retirement Sale

Backfold Books is closing down, because Alen and Jenny want to retire. They've been selling books in Hay for around fifteen years, first at Broad Street Book Centre, and later at the little shop opposite the craft centre which they took over from a photography specialist. The sale runs from 22nd October to 22nd November, and the Tourist Information Office is due to move in at the beginning of December, leaving a large space free in the craft centre.
They've always had a nice selection of books and knick-nacks, so there are plenty of bargains to be had!