Saturday, 28 January 2017

A Throne of Books for King Richard?

Rhona Muirhead (who was a Town councillor for a while) is heading a project to create a statue of King Richard Booth. She's the sort of person who Gets Things Done, and the Chamber of Commerce are already interested.
Hay Castle has offered a site for a plinth, and they hope that it will become a tourist attraction in its own right, like the life-size figures of Churchill and Roosevelt on a bench in London.
The idea is to have the statue, in stone or bronze, possibly showing Richard seated on a Throne of Books.
There will, of course, need to be fund raising for the statue. One idea is that the title of each book in the statue would be clearly marked, and donors to the scheme could pay a small fee for the book title of their choice, the top 100 to be incorporated into the statue, including the publishing house - it is hoped that publishers will become sponsors. This would also give publicity to the town of Hay.

All this is in the early planning stages at the moment - they still need to apply for planning permission to site the statue, and have yet to commission a sculptor.

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