Saturday, 30 December 2017

Accident at Black Swan Cottage

It's a regular thing, at the turning onto Broad Street from Hay Bridge, to see large lorries getting stuck and having to manoeuvre carefully up and down to get round. Sometimes they don't have enough room to turn because a car is parked on the double yellow lines opposite the turning (those double yellow lines are there for a good reason!). Other times, they miscalculate the angle of the turn - and sometimes they hit one of the buildings to either side of the turning.
Which is what happened this morning when a Co-op lorry hit the little bay window on the side of Black Swan Cottage, on his way out of town. Fortunately, he realised quickly what had happened, and reported the incident to Head Office, so it was easy for the police to find out what had happened and get the insurance details to the owner of the cottage (who was very impressed at their efficiency!). It's rented out as a holiday cottage, so there's no-one living in there at the moment.
When I passed by just now, the window was being covered over with black plastic, until a replacement window can be fitted.


Anonymous said...

Maybe not so wise to publish the fact that a cottage is empty, with only black plastic on the broken window.

Eigon said...

Well, the owner lives right next door, and I dare say the hole is blocked with something more than just black plastic, so I think it's pretty safe.