Saturday, 3 March 2018

Fairtrade Fortnight Postponed by Snow

On Thursday, the Fairtrade Hay team were intending to give out free teas at the market, but decided to cancel because of the snow - and tonight three shops were collaborating in a series of talks throughout the afternoon and early evening. The details can be found on the Fairtrade Hay blog and Facebook page - there's a link to their blog on the sidebar of this blog.
Now the talks will be taking place on March 8th instead.

This is what it looked like in town yesterday morning, with a mini snow plough trying to clear the Pavement:


Anonymous said...

I cane into Hay a town I know well on Sunday for a Borderlines film show at Booths Cinema. I could not believe the snow mess which in most places nobody had made any attempt to clear. It was melting and huge puddles were trapped in great mounds of snow that it appear people had pushed off their property onto the pavements.

Eigon said...

Where were people supposed to clear the snow to? The County Council workers worked really hard, with a mini snow plough, and people shovelled paths for neighbours, and farmers came through with tractors to clear some of the roads, but if you clear the road, it's going to pile up along the edge or on the pavement. Everyone was doing their best.

Anonymous said...

a very positive response to my comments about snow in Hay - yes where does one put the snow one has cleared from an area? A problem but solving it needs a little bit of thought because often solving a problem for a persons situation creates one for other people.

That is what I was saying.