Saturday, 1 September 2018

Hazy Daze Turns Green

The Hazy Daze shop, by the clock tower, will be hosting a new exhibition until the 4th November. It's called Green, and is being put on by Fran├žoise Verger and Pierre Moulinier, who recently held the party in Bear Street at the garage that Fran├žoise has had converted into an art studio. They are doing this under the title of Botany and Other Stories, which they are setting up as a charitable foundation to support learning about nature. The exhibition will be a history of the colour green, via botanical illustrations, books and other items, and it opens on Wednesday 12th September.

As part of the opening of the exhibition, on 8th September, there will be a giant puppet - The Colossal Critter - which will lead the way from the Butter Market to a picnic at the picnic area by the bridge.
They are also launching a free publication called The Cabbage Leaf - which they explain is the French nickname for low quality newspapers!
The newsletter will be put out unpredictably, with all sorts of contributors, and will be trilingual in English, Welsh and French.

[Edited to correct the opening times]

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