Saturday, 23 May 2020

Exploring Footpaths

I've been taking the opportunity of the fine weather and plenty of free time to explore the footpaths around Hay. I haven't been along some of them for years - without a dog to walk, I got out of the habit.
Last week I went out towards Clifford along the Wye Valley Walk, as far as the old golf club. For that stretch, it goes parallel to the road to Clifford, and starts from a bend in Nantyglasdwr Lane.

The picture's a bit dark, though it was a lovely sunny day - that's the old golf club building in the background, from what used to be one of the greens. A big house is being built close to the club house.
I got as far as Hardwicke Brook, where there's a bench to sit on, but the Wye Valley Walk footpath goes on to Priory Wood and then along the banks of the Wye.

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