Monday, 23 December 2013

A Taste of the Raj

A Christmas treat the other night was to be taken out to Hereford for a curry at The Taste of the Raj. I think I was last there about fifteen years ago, also near Christmas, when they were frantically busy and short-staffed (those waiters deserved a medal!).
It was a lot more relaxed this time, with only a couple of small parties in.
I had a very nice dhall soup followed by lamb bhuna. They also do an interesting range of fish dishes.
On the way, we came into Hereford via the Roman Road. Seeing all the roundabouts and lights and so on still surprises me - I remember when it was a very narrow lane with passing places.
And on the way back, there was a wonderful view of Orion over the Wye Valley, with Sirius the dog star at his heels.

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