Monday, 16 December 2013

Mabinogogiblog: Wind Turbine Controversy?

I think this is quite a fair assessment of the arguments around wind turbines, by a Green councillor somewhere near Stroud.

Mabinogogiblog: Wind Turbine Controversy?: I was spurred by criticism of wind turbines on a Green Party email list to review the controversy over wind turbines for my blog - somethi...


The Steam Driven Ostrich said...

He doesn't mention anything about how damn ugly the things are. And I can bet that he doesn't live in sight of one.

His last two items on his list of alternative energy are stretching it a bit. To which I can add:

27. Things you haven't told me yet.
28. Things someone hasn't told you to tell me yet
29. No knowns
30. No unknowns
31. No knowns that I don't know of yet
32. No . . . well, you get the drift.

Richard Lawson said...

Eigon, Thanks! For pointing your esteemed readers in my direction. I was a Green Councillor, 1986-92, but more from Congresbury than Stroud. You may be thinking of the excellent John Marjoram, who was elected like me in 1986 (But I was 20 minutes before John, something he has never forgiven me for). Unlike me, he continued to plough the furrow of the Green Councillor.


Richard Lawson

Eigon said...

Sorry, Richard - I vaguely had the idea that you were still involved in local politics.
And - Steam Driven Ostrich - would you prefer wind turbines that looked like traditional windmills, or like giant sunflowers, as I've also seen? Personally, I rather like them, and prefer them to cooling towers and, indeed, electricity pylons.