Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Back On-Line!

The sound of the dial tone when I lifted the phone reciever this evening was music to my ears. The lovely BT engineers have done their stuff, and I'm connected to the wider world again!
So, I completely missed the Hay Castle Art Auction - I hope it went well, and raised a lot of money for the Castle restoration.

There is, however, a book launch to mention - Huw Parsons has published again.
The book is called A Clyro Diary, and he's published it on Amazon as a Kindle download. It includes some of his poetry, as well as an account of the trials and tribulations of living in the little village across the river from Hay.
He's also made Planet Hay available as a Kindle download, the book he wrote a while ago about Hay and some of the people who live here - including me! I had great fun being interviewed and photographed wearing my medieval costumes.

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