Sunday, 26 April 2015

Friendly Musicians

It was a lovely session at Baskerville Hall again on Wednesday. Young Jamie was there with his flute, now he's finished with Greed: the Rock Opera for a while. There were guitars and the man with the drums, and me in the corner.
A couple came in to listen, and they said that they'd been a bit unsure when they pulled up outside, because it looks quite grand, but once they were in the bar, they said; "This is more real, isn't it?"
A little later, when we'd all got into the swing of things, they said: "This is like being in someone's living room."
And near the end, the lady got up and addressed the room: "We're from Essex, on holiday," she said. "Lovely countryside, and all that - but the best memory we'll take home is from tonight."
One of the guitarists said that, if they Googled "acoustic sessions Essex" they should find something similar where they lived.
"But nothing as friendly!" she said.

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