Sunday, 16 October 2016

Chamber of Commerce - Independence Celebrations, Day of the Dead and Christmas Lights

It will be the 40th anniversary of Hay being declared an independent Kingdom next April 1st, and there will be a meeting on Tuesday evening at 6pm at Tomatitos to discuss how to organise celebrations, called by the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber is also deeply involved in raising money for the Christmas lights around Hay. This year they are holding a Day of the Dead celebration (fancy dress optional) at The Old Electric Shop, on 4th November, with Mexican nibbles on offer, and music. The price of hiring contractors to put the lights up has gone up considerably since last year.

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Andrew Williams said...

Thanks for the mention Lesley! Just to clarify, the Day of the Dead Party on 4th November is at the Castle, not Old Electric Shop. Tickets going fast :) Thanks, Andrew