Friday, 7 October 2016

Council Meeting - Sports Pavilion and Library

So the Transfer of Assets of the Sports Pavilion to Hay Council is almost complete - apart from one document that needs to be signed, and the County Council have said that they will not release any money that goes with the transfer until it is signed.
Steve Like was very annoyed, and said that this amounted to bullying by the County Council. However, a special meeting will be called as soon as possible to sign the document and to inform the sports clubs that use the pavilion of the new situation.
When the document is signed, Hay Council will become liable for any repairs that need to be done, but they will also have the ability to look for grants to cover the cost of those repairs.

The County Council have also been discussing the future of the library services in Powys, and they're meeting with some stiff opposition. It was Nigel, Hay's Town Clerk, who suggested that Hay contact other local councils in a similar position, and now there are eight local councils united in fighting the cost cutting measures that the County Council is proposing. This includes closing some libraries, and getting "volunteers" to run things in other places.
At the meeting this week, the Talgarth councillor spoke on behalf of the local councils affected, as James Gibson-Watt was not available on the day.
The County Council has taken legal advice on their proposals, but they have declined to share that advice with the councillors concerned about their local libraries. It is a legal requirement that County Councils must provide a comprehensive library service. One Voice Wales has also been consulted by the local councils and they say that Powys is in the wrong on this.

On the subject of libraries, the Friends of Hay Library are having a meeting at Hay Library on Monday 17th October from 6.30 - 7.30pm. Elaine Wigzell of the Friends of Crickhowell Library will be there to explain how they set up their group and answer any questions.

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