Saturday, 14 October 2017

Another Meeting in Clyro About the Chicken Shed Application

I didn't hear anything about the results of the last meeting of Clyro Council until a couple of days ago, when someone told me what had happened.
First of all, he gave me clarification of what actually happened in the previous meeting, which ended in disarray:

"Clyro Community Council had a normal community council meeting on Tuesday 12 September. At 7pm when the meeting was advertised to start the chair decided that no public should be allowed to listen to their discussion in the small room of the village hall. The public were left outside wondering what was going on, when it was pointed out by a member of public who had googled the rules on his phone that the council were not within the rules to be barred and the meeting was suggested to be held in the bigger hall which could accommodate the larger number, the clerk then resigned so the meeting could not take place.

Clyro Council then tweeted this apology:

Many apologies. Tuesday's meeting fell far short of what you expected of us, and what we expected of ourselves. We can and shall do better.

The Council are looking for a new Clerk and one of the Council members is acting as a temporary clerk until the post can be filled. If anyone is interested in applying for the role, please do via"

And so we come to the special meeting which took place on the 28th September. This time, the Powys monitoring officer was there, to make sure proper procedure was followed. The public were allowed to attend this time. The councillors voted to rescind their previous decision to approve the chicken sheds, and there will be a public meeting on Tuesday 17th October, where members of the public will be able to express their views, and the council will then vote for or against the application. This will be in Clyro village hall.

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