Saturday, 21 October 2017

Dentist - NHS or Private

I got a letter from my dentist this morning. That's the one to the side of the little car park, opposite the chapel on Oxford Road, known as {my}dentist.
After careful consideration, he says, Dr Reshad Naghshbandi has decided to treat only private patients from February next year, apart from people under the age of 18 or in full time education.
There's a lot of information in the letter about the private dental plans available, from only £7.25 a month (I've been on a very tight budget, and even £7.25 a month was completely out of my reach in those days).
I have great sympathy for Dr Naghshbandi when he says that his NHS practice has meant more "meeting targets and ticking boxes" in recent years, and that he wants to concentrate his efforts on improving dental health and preventive dentistry - but I won't be going private, because I want the NHS to continue to exist, for everyone.
Fortunately, there will be provision for adult NHS patients after February, just with another dentist in the practice. When I started reading the letter I had a horrible sinking feeling that I'd have to trek all the way to Hereford for the emergency dentist in future, as I had to a couple of times before Dr Naghshbandi came to Hay 13 years ago.

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