Friday, 8 June 2018

Discovering Historical Hay

When Tim Pugh came round to tell me what had happened to the Le Redu twin town sign, he also gave me a new leaflet which should be appearing around town now. It's called Discovering Historical Hay, and costs 50p, which is to raise money for the Warren Club.
There's a good map in the middle, and it's really comprehensive, starting with the biggest and most important historic building in town, the Castle, and working round the Cheese Market, Butter Market, chapels, the sites of the old town gates, the oldest pub (the Three Tuns), the town clock, St Mary's Church, and the various historic wells and springs which used to provide the water supply for the town.

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T Pugh Hay said...

The leaflet is available at Hay T.I,B. Leaflet has been produced by Hay Warren to tie in with the historical plaques. All monies raised will go toward keeping the Hay Tourist Information Bureau open.
Tim Pugh