Sunday, 10 June 2018

More Thoughts on Barclays Closure

Just a small point that I've been pondering - the leaflet I was given at Hereford concentrates on customers of the Hay branch, and how they say that those customers have been finding alternative ways to do their banking. They do not seem to have considered Barclays customers from elsewhere who come to Hay as tourists.

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Lydia Powell said...

Hi Lesley,
I have banked with Barclays in Hay for nigh on 50
years and I am appalled at the banks
betrayal of the community and it's loyal customers.
The banks caused the last big financial
crash and bailing them out has put
the poorest into destitution & destroying
all our services with cuts. PPI money
laundering, scams & other bad practices
abound. They have no compunction in leaving
their customers to pay the bills
Continuing to take eye watering bonuses
and "compensation" as they call it
whilst scammers are ever adept at
hacking their IT systems.
Then when you have been hacked
they suggest you call into your
local bank to meet someone face to face
to sort it out.
My confidence in the Banks is plummeting.
Talgarth lost their bank in and local
shops suffered from the lack of footfall
from banking farming folk. Then they had
a terrible fight to save their Post Office
which they won but only by a whisker.
Older people are really at risk from
scammers and will be tempted to keep
stashes of cash in their houses now.
I could go on and on but will have to
calm down and have a cuppa. I thought
Hay with the festival would be able to
have the last bank standing...
Will have to have a think .
If the Coop could open a branch down
the supermarket then I would transfer to them.
Regards Lydia {sorry to rant on]