Friday, 26 July 2013

Lazing in the Sunshine...

... which is what I've mostly been doing this week.
There have been a few things going on around Hay - yesterday Gabbs the Solicitors held a tea party in aid of St Michael's Hospice, and raised £600!
The big bookshop at the top of the Pavement has been divided up into units on the ground floor and basement, and living accommodation above. They had some temporary shops in there over the Festival - and the new units look very smart - and a week or so ago Love Vintage moved in to one of the units. Another vintage shop is moving in today, and having an opening party, while building work still seems to be going on in the basement.
Harris's bread shop on Castle Street, meanwhile, is still mostly remaining closed after the sad death of Brian Harris.
And Belle Books, behind Rose's near the clock tower, is opening erratically at the moment, as the proprietor has just come out of hospital after a serious operation (and he'll show you the scar, given half a chance!).

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