Thursday, 26 September 2013

Local Shopping is Best!

I've been looking for a pair of green boots.
Next year, I'm going to the World Science Fiction Convention in London, and one of the costumes I want to wear is the comic book character Green Arrow. After all, I'm an archer, so I already have the bow and arrows, and a long green cloak. So I was looking for some green boots to go with the costume. There were a few I saw on line - but the ones that would have been perfect were sold out.
So I looked around Hay. Number Two on Castle Street has some lovely dark green suede boots, and Adela's has some sturdy green leather boots. After a little deliberation, I decided Adela's boots would go with the rest of the costume best, so that's one thing bought locally instead of the internet.

Then the rucksack that I use to take my washing to the launderette is just about at the end of its life. Half the back is paper thin, and I didn't want to wait for the catastrophic tearing sound, and my unmentionables scattered across the pavement by the British Legion, to get round to replacing it! The camping shop on Castle Street had the perfect replacement, in a dark grey cloth. I have an old suitcase that will become the launderette bag, so the new rucksack will be for when I need a larger bag than I usually carry, which will also look stylish. The one I chose was also considerably cheaper than the leather shoulder bags I had been looking at.

And then there's the gun! While I was away in Lincoln, at the Steampunk Asylum, I got involved in a Wild West Shoot out. I already had a child's toy six gun - but I went into Country Supplies to get new dishcloths the other day, and there among the toys was a toy rifle, with cartridges for target shooting. It was only £5! So I shall be getting some paint from the Games Workshop in Hereford to make it look more copper and brass to fit in with the Steampunk theme, and I'll be ready for the next shoot out! Watch out El Zombiro!
My Young Man had been going to get a rifle for me, and adapt it for Steampunk purposes, but the shop he tried in London was more expensive, and only carried toy rifles at certain times of year. So, once again, local shops are best!

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Yay!, well done Leslie.