Thursday, 19 September 2013

Saturday at the Castle

Two events on the Cobbles (as the area at the back of the Castle is now being called) on Saturday afternoon.

From 2.30pm till 7pm is the opening of the Community Hub by Hay Together. For years people have been complaining that there isn't one place in Hay where posters for community events can be put up, and that there isn't one list of organisations in Hay. Well, now there's no excuse - because here is a place for all the posters and all the organisations to get together so everyone can know what's going on.

Starting at 5pm the same afternoon, the Thoughtful Gardener will be having a launch party for his new shop, with drinks (and a special cocktail with fresh mint) and 10% off the plants. There may also be a prize winning garden designer, Rob Kennett, on hand to give advice. Eighteen Rabbit next door will also be opening late, and are offering a 10% discount on their products, and the Hay Loft and The Olde Curiosity Shoppe will be opening late as well.

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Anonymous said...

How long before that's covered in globe posters like the rest of the town?