Wednesday, 11 September 2013


A young woman came into the shop today and said she was from Powys Volunteer Agency. She asked if we needed any volunteers to work at the shop. I told her we didn't use volunteers. She looked surprised and said: "Oh, you're all paid staff then?"
Well - yeah!
She went away again - and I was left wondering. Do Powys Volunteer Agency really have so many people clamouring at their doors to become volunteers that they are now scouring the county for volunteering opportunities for them? Who are all these people with so much time on their hands that they don't mind what they do when they volunteer, as long as they are volunteering?
It all seems very strange.
I've volunteered in the past, but it's always been with a specific aim in mind, such as helping out the Wildlife Trust on dormouse surveys or clearing bracken. I'd never approach a volunteer agency in order to be put forward for anything that needed voluntary staff.

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