Monday, 23 June 2014

A Relaxing Time at the Blue Boar and the Globe

I've never been in the Blue Boar's garden before - I hadn't realised how lovely it is out there! The day was gloriously sunny and hot, and the Blue Boar has Hooky and Old Hooky on tap, so there was really nothing better we could think of doing....

And on Tuesday evening, we went along to the Globe for the Open Mic session.
Tim the Gardener had told me he was going to perform his anti-Festival rant, which runs to five or six A4 pages - he had them displayed in the window of the Sandwich Cellar, but reduced to tiny writing so the pages didn't block out all the light! Also there was Dirty Ray, a young man called Alice who did beat-box while playing a flute, and a very good band called Slippery Slope, which included a steel drum in the line up. There were other performers, too, and it was a really enjoyable evening.

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