Sunday, 29 June 2014

Getting Lost in Debenhams

So, my brown shoes (bought at the Royal Welsh Showground when I was volunteering at the Fairtrade stand at the Smallholders Fair a few years ago) and my black pumps both gave up the ghost at the same time and went to the great re-cycling bin in the car park. I have boots of various colours, and I have one pair of sandals, and a couple of pairs of pumps, but no light shoes suitable for work.
The first step in these circumstances is to see what's available in Hay - and there was really nothing I liked.
So I went round Hereford - I like Hotter's shoes, but again there was nothing that jumped out and said "Buy me!"
The one shop I didn't try was Clarks, because they have moved to the new shopping centre.
So this Friday I tried again, and got off the bus at the Old Market stop.
The first open door I saw led into Debenhams. "They do shoes," I thought, so in I went.
In fact they do very nice shoes, in a vast array of different styles, and I saw something I liked almost immediately. They were even in the sale. I didn't want to pay straight away, though, so I wandered round to see what else was in the store with the pair of shoes in my hand.
Coming down the escalator from the home furnishings department, I was just ahead of a lady and her toddler grandson - who was trying out the moving stairs for the first time. So I hopped on first, to show him how it was done, and off again at the bottom, and told his gran how it had always been a big treat when I was young to go into Manchester Town Centre to go in the department stores with escalators (and in Kendals, a real lift!). By that time I'd lost where the desk to pay at was, which was at the far end from where I found the shoes, and then I walked out of a completely different door to the one I'd walked in at.
It was the first time I'd walked round the new shopping centre - and it really could have been anywhere in the country. It has nothing about it to indicate that the shops are in Hereford.
I still needed black shoes, but Clarks was unexciting when I found it, and though I wandered through Next and Fatface and various other stores, I didn't see anything I liked.
So it was back into the town centre, where I found some perfectly adequate and quite comfortable pumps in Sports Direct.

When I went to Mallyfest, I tried out some poi - they're a sort of weight on the end of a string that you whirl round your head in patterns. I believe they were originally some sort of Maori weapon. Some of the re-enactors I know do it with poi that they set on fire, which never really appealed to me, but the ones I tried had ribbons attached, which seemed much safer, and also a rather good way of exercising the arms. Theres a shop up by Peacocks that sells juggling equipment, and they had just the thing, so I shall be practicing in the back garden soon.

Dylan with fire poi - this is NOT what I'll be doing!

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