Thursday, 12 June 2014

Quinqueremes and Ranting

In my defence, it was dark when I went there before, so I didn't notice the large Hound sitting on top of the porch until yesterday. Fortunately, it didn't look hungry....
The week before, there had been nineteen performers crammed into the bar. This week there were only five, three of whom had come over from Brilley. The lady played flute and recorder, and the two chaps played guitar and accordian, and they said they were part of a band called Much Ado. Conversation moved round to the age of some of the traditional tunes, so they played one that I think had been collected in the seventeenth century, after playing another that had been music for a fairly modern cartoon.
Bob played his Drum Song - possibly the only song in the world to have the word "quinquereme" in it! That's an ancient Greek galley with five banks of oars (because the more familiar "trireme" didn't fit the rhyme!). There was some discussion over whether it would actually have worked, because the top row of oars would have had to be really long to go over the ranks below.

Meanwhile, back in Hay, Tim the Gardener has been writing an anti-Festival Rant, which has gone up in the window of the Sandwich Cellar. He had to make the font really small, otherwise he would have blanked out their window! He will be performing the Rant at the Globe's Open Mic night on Tuesday evening, and Dirty Ray should be there as well. I haven't managed to get round to the Sandwich Cellar yet to see the Rant, but I have a day off tomorrow, so I'll have time to wander round while my washing is at the launderette.

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