Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Busy Weekend Coming Up

Tickets are now on sale at Golesworthy's for this year's Mallyfest, on 20th June. This was great fun last year, with lots of good music going on at Baskerville Hall, and lots of money raised for the renovation of the chapel where Mally Powell's funeral was held.

It was a great day (and evening) out last year, but I'll be in Brecon, where they're commemorating the muster of the South Welsh for Agincourt with a Medieval Festival. Any excuse to wear medieval clothes and carry a longbow!
The names of all the men from Brecon who marched off to Agincourt are known from the muster roll, so children from local schools will be taking on the name of an archer for the day. I think it's a great way to get local children interested in their own history.
So: "Cry God for Harry! England and St George!" (even the Welshmen!).

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