Saturday, 20 June 2015

Small Business Saturday

House of Vintage, at the end of Castle Street.
When I first came to Hay, this was the SWALEC office, with a lovely lady who could sort out any problems people had with their bills in person. SWALEC closed the office down, and replaced it with a phone in the middle of SPAR - so if you had a problem you had to juggle the phone and bill and whatever else you needed while people were reaching past you to take tins off the shelves. There was a petition against the closure, but it was ignored. The phone in SPAR is long gone.
So then it became a bookshop, part of Andy Cooke's empire, and when that closed down it became a pop-up antique shop which called itself The Old Electric Shop. The people running The Old Electric Shop then moved down to the other end of town, to what had been the Jigsaw and Teddy Bear Shop, but kept the name.
And now it's an antique shop again.

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