Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Window Displays

The shops in Hay always make a special effort to look nice for the Festival - Bartrums had a tree cut from thin board, with pen nibs hiding in the branches; Booths had a paper cut out tea party from Alice in Wonderland, and there were two stuffed swans in the window of The End (with tiny china dolls hatching out of eggs beside them - which was faintly gruesome when you noticed it), but I think my favourite was this one from Goosey Gander:

It's a wonderfully imaginative way of re-using those multi-coloured glass fish that used to be so popular.

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Anonymous said...

The window displays left over from the festival were charming. We visited Hay just after the festival ended, and really enjoyed our stay. Such a beautiful, relaxed setting and everyone was so nice. We were especially blessed to get to chat with you on the bus today. Thank you so much for ending our time in Hay on a high note.

Sara Waymire, Ohio USA