Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Concert in Aid of Nepal

One of the chaps from Yak-y-da, the Nepalese/Gurkha restaurant just outside Hay on the road to Brecon, is going back to his home village soon, and he wants to be able to take some money with him to help the villagers, who were affected by the earthquakes earlier this year.
So there's going to be a concert at St Mary's Church, on Friday October 30th at 7.30pm.
Cellist Sonia Hammond will be performing Bach, there's singer/songwriter Jakey Boy Hughes, and the folk band Ethel will be there, consisting of Kate Hardy, Sonia Hammond and Justin Lewis Preece.
Justin was one of the performers at the church earlier this year, when he and a couple of others stepped in when the performers meant to be there that evening couldn't make it. They gave no indication of being a last minute replacement, and it was a beautifully atmospheric evening. Justin also comes over to Baskerville Hall to play on Wednesday nights fairly regularly - one of the few performers who go there able to sing in Welsh.
So they're good, and well worth listening to - and the cause they're raising money for is a good one as well.
Tickets are £7, and refreshments will be available.

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