Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday Worship

St John's - half the building is a chapel in the Church in Wales group along with St Mary's and Capel-y-ffin, and the other half, which used to be rooms used by the parish, is now St John's Restaurant.
The building was renovated by the daughters of Archdeacon Bevan, who was the vicar of the parish for many years in the Victorian era, and also lived at Hay Castle for a time. The half which is now the restaurant has been, in the past, a bank and a butcher's shop amongst other things.


Annie B said...

And it is a superb restaurant -lots of unusual flavours.

William Bass said...

Wasn't it once a turf accountant's?

Eigon said...

I think the turf accountant's was next door, across the lane where the van is parked.