Thursday, 8 October 2015

Latest Castle News and Music in the Evening

Hay Castle will be open from noon on Saturday to show the latest plans for the restoration project. There will also be presentations at 4pm and 6pm, with opportunities for questions. Some of the latest research about the history of the castle will also be on display - Alan Nichols of the Hay History Group has been doing some delving into the history of the Lords of the Manor of Hay.
The Hay Castle Trust has been very fortunate in finding funding recently - they've been granted £100,000 from the Country Houses Foundation, the first time they've awarded money to a country house in Wales, and one of the largest grants they've ever given. This will make it possible for the Trust to replace the Castle roof, which is Jacobean, and apparently a quite advanced design for the early 1600s. They've also got £50,000 from the Headley Trust, one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, to support conservation across the site, and to help towards the Castle becoming a centre for the arts, culture and education.

And in the evening, there's music at St Mary's, organised by Hay Music as the perfect antidote to the rugby! It starts at 7.30pm, and includes music by Elgar, Grieg and Debussy, and a talk about the Man Who Saved the Proms! Tickets are £12 from Booth Books.

Two of the ladies at the acoustic evening at Baskerville Hall last night went to the musical evening at St Mary's on Tuesday evening, when Russian singers were performing. They said it had been a wonderful evening, and a perfect setting for the music, and they're hoping that the singers will be asked to come and perform again.

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