Sunday, 14 February 2016

Blind Students Visit Hay Bookshops

A Book A Day In Hay has been giving work experience to two students from the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford this week - they have been guest hosting the website, and on Wednesday they came to Hay for a guided tour.
I met them in the morning at the Cinema Bookshop, and we spent about half an hour together. Ellie could see quite well - she mentions the gold stars on the dark blue ceiling, from the days when the Cinema Bookshop was actually a cinema - but Danielle needed a helper to get around. Both of them were very enthusiastic, though, and it was a pleasure to take them round. They've written about their experiences over at A Book A Day In Hay.
In the afternoon, they went to Addymans' Bookshop, and from the photos it seems that they had a great time there as well.

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