Sunday, 28 February 2016

Buses in Herefordshire and 38 Degrees

38 degrees are coming down on Monday at 6pm at the Victory pub in Hereford in order to a make a film about the councillors who are pledging to use the bus services in the county for a month in response to Jordan Creed's challenge. Jordan Creed belongs to 38 Degrees, which is a campaigning group on the web, taking up the causes that their members choose.
They go on to say:

"As well as the Councillors 38 Degrees are also looking for people to come and speak about how the Bus cuts have affected them or how incoming cuts will. This is a great opportunity to highlight how buses provide a lifeline to people and can therefore contribute greatly to saving services that are important to you."

So that's 6pm on Monday 29th February at the Victory in Hereford.

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