Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The County Council Still Aren't Listening

This was the scene at County Hall in Llandrindod Wells this morning as members of the public gathered to watch the debate about the future of the county's secondary schools. In fact, the whole of Llandrindod High School was there to protest, silently, the County Council's plans.
The debate about Gwernyfed and Brecon was this afternoon, starting at 2pm.
FYI:Talgarth has a good report of the outcome of the meeting.
Basically, it doesn't matter what the public have said so far - the original plan is still going ahead, as the Cabinet members (none of whom come from the Brecon/Gwernyfed area) voted unanimously to proceed to consultation on the closure of the two schools.
Gareth Ratcliffe, James Gibson-Watt (for Glasbury) and Melanie Davies (for Llangors) all spoke against the proposals.
Rev Ian Charlesworth, chair of the governors of Gwernyfed, said he was deeply disappointed, and intends to fight the proposals to close the school. In fact, from the sound of it, Rev Charlesworth had steam coming out of his ears! Rob Eveliegh gave live updates on Gareth Ratcliffe's Facebook page throughout the meeting, and Rev Charlesworth's comment begins "What an appalling travesty".
To which end, there is a public meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 24th February, at Gwernyfed School at 7pm in the drama studio.

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