Tuesday, 14 June 2016

And Now it's Chickens

If it's not one thing, it's another. There's now a plan, over at Lower House Farm in Clyro, to build two big chicken sheds - that's 26,000 chickens crammed into two large and unsightly buildings, right where everyone driving into Wales can see them. People complained bitterly about the plans to site a wind turbine near Clyro a while ago because they claimed it would look unsightly - but a wind turbine doesn't produce tons of chicken manure which has the potential to pollute the nearby River Wye with ammonia. And the River Wye is a Site of Special Scientific Interest around Hay and Clyro.
To comment on the plan, the email is holly.hobbs@powys.gov.uk planning reference number P/2016 /0397.
There's also a petition on the 38 Degrees site, called #CluckOff - Say No to Factory Farming near Hay, which has 98 signatures so far (aiming for 100).

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