Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Launching the Keep

There's been a table outside the Keep office, at the bottom of the Pavement, all week, where various members of staff have been selling the magazine. There's also been the event at the Festival, where authors with their work in the magazine gave readings.
And there was a launch party at Booth's Bookshop Cafe, which was well attended.
Emanation's green man mask is on display at the top of the stairs, along with a picture from the magazine of Nina Lyon holding hands with a man in the green man mask in front of the door to Kilpeck Church. Nina gave a reading from her book, Uprooted, from the top of the stairs, but the acoustics in the cafe are not good, and it was very difficult to hear her, even though she was speaking at about the same volume as she had at the Vanguard reading in Addyman's bookshop, where it was easy to hear her at the back.
Oliver Balch gave a reading, too (in a nice loud voice) and said that he was very pleased to now have an official Hay nickname, like Stuart the Fruit - so he is now Ollie the Tump!

Tom Bullough didn't do a reading, but did say a few words - and then there was the special surprise guest, Miss Belle Revue, a vision of glamour with piled up blonde hair, lots of (I suspect) rhinestones, and a Southern Belle accent. She said she was in Wales looking for a rich husband, such as that nice man in Ivor the Engine who owned a cute little goldmine!

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