Saturday, 25 June 2016

Small Business Saturday

Last week's entry seems to be the last of the new businesses around town that I'd taken photos of, so in future, this will be an occasional slot for any new businesses that start up in Hay, or for any news about local businesses. I started recording all the small businesses in Hay on 28th January, 2012, with Doll's House Fun on Brecon Road, and have hardly missed a Saturday since!


Anonymous said...

This may be of interest for a new post, currently over 1.5m signatures for a 2nd referendum

Eigon said...

I try to steer clear of National politics, unless it directly impacts on Hay. And if I wrote a post about the referendum I might just start to rant!

Anonymous said...

7½K of the 3.4m signatures are from Brecon and Radnor + Herefordshire
This is of interest to Hay as there were many stunned faces in Hay on Friday, some with voter remorse as they thought Remain would win and protest voted without thinking of the consequences. Now some of the hard right think they have a licence to be racist, thank goodness taht isn't happening in Hay to my knowledge.