Saturday, 24 December 2016

Ladies Who Lunch

I had to use up my holidays before the end of the year, so I took a day off to go round the Thursday market - I usually see them setting up, and when I come out of work for lunch, they're packing up, but this Thursday I had plenty of time to look round and get all the food I still needed to get for Christmas (including a pot of Christmas Pudding Ice Cream from Shepherds!)
On the way round, I met Emanation and Ros, and later bumped into Tracy, who was just on her way to Booths Cafe to meet Emanation and Ros, and invited me along. They all go to Stitch and Bitch with me.
Tracy said that Marion from Addyman's bookshop is retiring. She's been working there for a long time, so it'll be strange to go by and not see her at the desk anymore. Tracy was at the leaving party when a bin lorry misjudged the corner and reversed into the corner of the shop! When I went past the following day, I saw Ann from Addymans looking up at the corner, and wondered what she was looking at - it was the damage the lorry had caused!
I haven't been in there to eat for a long time, but I remember the food being good - and it still is excellent, and beautifully presented on the plate. I had the pancakes and maple syrup. I very rarely get maple syrup, and my pancakes tend to turn into frisbees you could use as weapons, but I do like it when it's done well! The cafe was full, and several people had brought their dogs in with them.
It was really nice to do something different and totally spontaneous, with three good friends!

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