Friday, 23 December 2016

Pilgrimage Down The Wye

Stephen Payne is a re-enactor, and this year he's decided to re-create a pilgrimage St Brendan took in the 6th century from Plynlimon (the source of the Wye and Severn) to Llancarfan Abbey on the South Welsh coast. St Brendan made his journey to get to Llancarfan in time for the New Year, which is why Stephen is doing it now, in authentic 6th century costume.
He will be walking part of the way, and paddling down the Wye on his coracle, which he will be carrying on his back when walking, and sleeping under at night if he can't find alternative shelter. He wrote to the Archbishop of Wales to ask for permission to sleep in churches along the way, as a medieval pilgrim would have done. He's also eating, as much as he can, food which would have been available in the 6th century.
He reached Erwood today, and should be coming through Hay tomorrow or the next day - look out for the man in the white "monk's robe" (though ordinary lay people wore the same sort of robes back then)!

Last year, he re-created a 14th century pilgrimage to Canterbury, wearing authentic medieval clothing, and staying only at places which existed at the time of the original pilgrimage - something which is a bit more difficult for the 6th century!

It's a fascinating thing to do, and he's chronicling his journey on Facebook. Of course, Hurricane Barbara has struck just as he's set off - but he has a thick wool cloak and sheep's fleece in his boots to keep him warm and dry!

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