Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hurrah for Local Tradesmen!

My toilet wouldn't flush.
You may think this is Too Much Information - after all, we tend to take toilets for granted until they don't work. I'd been jiggling the handle for a while, and one day even the jiggling didn't work.
So I looked in Yellow Pages for a plumber. The firm I got through to didn't have a plumber in the area on that day, but I asked for a quote anyway....
and after I'd said "How much?!" and put the phone down, I remembered that I know a local plumber. So I phoned Stewart Powles.

Some time ago, he was one of the people putting in a bathroom in the cottage next door but one to me. At that time, the three gardens at the back were open to each other, and my dog could still run about. I used to leave the front door open so she could go and sun herself on the flagstones in front of the house, and back then the side door to the back gardens was usually left open as well.
Stewart Powles was lying on the floor of the bathroom, doing something under the sink, when he heard a thunder of paws coming up the stairs. A moment later, his ear was being licked, and Islay was looking over his shoulder to see what he was doing. Just as well that he likes dogs!

So he came round, found the problem, popped down to Huws Grey for the right part, fitted it - and charged me about half what the other company had quoted.

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