Saturday, 18 February 2017

Independence Celebrations!

On 1st April, 1977, Richard Booth declared Hay to be an independent Kingdom, with himself as King.
Which is something worth celebrating on the 40th Anniversary!

So events are planned over the weekend of 31st March to 3rd April.
On the Friday night there will be a reception at Booths Bookshop, to which all the book sellers in town have been invited.
The Old Electric Shop will be doing literary cocktails.
Deborah Moggach will be the castaway in the Globe's version of Desert Island Discs on the Friday evening. The Globe will also be hosting a panel discussion on the Saturday afternoon for booklovers, and a booksellers' brunch buffet on Sunday morning.
The children of Hay School will be having a fancy dress parade, dressed as their favourite book characters.
The original Hay flag will be hoisted in the Honesty Gardens in front of Hay Castle, and knighthoods will be given out (it is hoped King Richard will be able to attend).
A book art co-operative will be displaying their work in book shop windows around town.
And on Instagram, the organisers want to make this the largest bookstagram meet-up ever.

They also hope to make this an annual affair.
Let's celebrate Hay-on-Wye and second hand books!


VforVendetta said...

interesting article for the fact that I know at least three book dealers who know nothing about an invite to Booths

Andrew Williams said...

Hey V,

All booksellers should have had an email from Addymans about the reprint of the bookseller leaflet and the reception was mentioned as part of this - not sure if there are official "invitations," or if they have gone out yet as this isn't something I've been involved in - let me know who is in the dark and I will ask for the information to be forwarded on to them again.

PS schedule available here, updated semi-regularly as new things are added -

And thanks to the B&R for featuring Prince Derek on the cover today!

Cheers, Andrew