Friday, 17 February 2017

We Love Our Library!

Here's the banner that the children of Hay School made, on the night of the last big meeting about the Library.
The date for the next meeting, when HOWLS will become a proper, unincorporated, organisation with a constitution and a management committee, has now been set. It will be at 7pm on Monday 6th March, in Hay Library. The 6th March is also World Book Day.
This will give them, they hope, more of a voice when they are talking to Powys County Council.
Anyone who would like to contact HOWLS should email

I'm kind of wishing I could clone myself, as 6th March is also the date of the next Council Meeting, also at 7pm.
At any rate, I'm thinking of dressing as one of my favourite characters from literature for World Book Day. I thought Rev. Merrily Watkins would be quite easy to do - basically black and a cross - from the Phil Rickman books. Blessings I can do at once - exorcisms will take a little longer!

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