Saturday, 15 July 2017

HOWLS Meeting

Next Wednesday, the 19th July, there will be a meeting at Tomatitos, at 7pm, about the future of Hay Library.
To quote the Facebook page:

"The sole emphasis of this meeting will be to make a start on compiling a list of the pros and cons of all the options facing the future of Hay Library.

This will require HOWLS to look closely at all the options on offer so what do you think?

Is our community best served by the Library:

* Moving into the new school premises
* Staying where it is and finding a way of making up the Powys
funding shortfall
* Other? Are there any other options that we haven't thought of yet

Come equipped on the night with your own ideas and we'll add them to the list or if you can't make the meeting or simply prefer to add your opinion in writing then please contact the Secretary Melanie on and we will ensure that it gets added to the list."

If we want to keep a library which really is a library, and not just a room with a few books in it, this will be an important meeting.

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