Thursday, 13 July 2017

Meet the Council Day

Here are three members of the Town Council at the Buttermarket last Saturday. Rob Golesworthy introduced me to one of the new councillors (sorry I've forgotten his name!) and said that, although he'd had issues with some things that I'd written on this blog, he had to say that I was always accurate. Which is high praise indeed, and it is what I try to achieve. (I don't always manage it, but I do try).
Another two councillors (Trudi and Alan) were over at the Woodland Group stall, looking after their display of garden and woodcutting tools and with some rather pretty mugs to sell. I'm drinking my tea from one now.
Also in the Buttermarket were Dial-a-Ride and the North Weir Trust, with a large display of plants for sale. Dial-a-Ride members can be any age, living within a 9 mile radius of Hay, and they can use the service for shopping trips, visits to the doctors' surgery, visiting friends, and more. They also run trips to places like Hergest Croft Gardens and Abergavenny Market. And they have fully accessible buses for wheelchair users. The drivers are volunteers, and one of the aims of the day was to sign up new volunteers to the various local groups.
North Weir Trust gives grants to local people for educational purposes.

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