Friday, 14 July 2017

The Big Skill

While the Town Council and volunteer groups were in the Buttermarket, The Big Skill was on at the Globe.
This event has been on in Hay before, but it's the first time they've used the Globe - previously it's been on the fields across the river.
It was £5 to get in, but once you were inside there were all sorts of craft workshops to try, as well as crafts and art to buy, and live music through the afternoon and into the evening.
Just at the entrance was the Brecon and Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees, selling teddy bears with labels describing how people had become refugees ("I fled from Syria because it wasn't safe there" and so on), and with information about their work. The refugees they support are in Swansea now, mostly from Syria.
Around the grounds of the Globe were tents with a variety of stalls. Lottie O'Leary was giving people the chance to try stone carving, while down the steps at Bridget's Scrap Bag (rag rugs and other fabric crafts), people were making flowers with a sacking back and rag petals Bridget Morgan sells her work at Talgarth Mill shop, and holds regular workshops - details available from The Bakers' Table at Talgarth Mill,
Another stall was selling jewellery from Kenya - the Brecon Molo Community Partnership, and Greenpeace were giving information about their campaign to save the rich bio-diversity of the Amazon reef, under threat from oil drilling by BP - with the help of SpongeBob SquarePants. An artist was working on a landscape, and another stall had a spinning wheel, and all the tools for spinning and weaving. Elsewhere children were building an impressive turreted edifice from clay, and a chap was wood turning. I treated myself to an annular brooch turned from Applewood. Another stall had decorative stained glass, and another had children trying needle felting.
Inside the Globe was set up for the music - it's all been recently refurbished, so the scaffolding gallery is gone, replaced with something that looks much smarter and more permanent, with a proper solid stairway up to it, and the wide benches around the edges of the hall have been rebuilt.
Bob Evans, who presides over the acoustic sessions at Baskerville Hall, was there (after I'd gone), at his second gig of the day - the first was in Brecon - though he only had a small audience.

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