Sunday, 20 August 2017

Brian Hatton, Local Artist

I was pleased to see that the Museum and Art Gallery part of the Hereford Library was open when I went past on Friday (it had been closed, even when the library re-opened) and that they had an exhibition on.
Brian Hatton was a Herefordshire artist who joined the army for the First World War, and died in Egypt in 1916, aged 28. Hereford Library holds a large collection of his work, and it was fascinating to see partly inked in sketches which had never been finished, showing how he worked. A lot of his pictures featured horses, and quite a few were of local gypsies, with the later ones mostly being of subjects related to the War. There were also portraits of members of his family, and a case filled with his brushes, palette and the stool he used when he was painting outside.
The assistant in the museum said that the museum and exhibition space are open provisionally until October, because more repairs need to be done.

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