Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Oldham Tinkers

or Isn't Modern Technology Wonderful?

I was on Twitter a few days ago, and saw a little video about the Peterloo Massacre in Manchester. It was the anniversary of Peterloo last week, and I wanted to sing a song about it at the Baskie. The group Edward II have a song about Peterloo on their CD Manchester's Improving Daily, which I was going to learn - until I heard the soundtrack to that little video on Twitter. The song there was by the Oldham Tinkers, and I thought the tune would be rather easier to learn.
So I looked around online (the person who posted the video offered to lend me a CD if I couldn't find one, which was generous of her). The Oldham Tinkers have a website, with 5 CDs for sale. The one with the Peterloo song on it is called A Fine Old English Gentleman, and it arrived this morning!
So, with luck and a following wind, I should be ready to perform tomorrow night.

The popularity of the Wednesday sessions has been growing, to such an extent that David at the Baskie can no longer offer a free drink to every performer - though he does still offer a bowl of chips at around 9pm. The last time I was there it took about an hour to get round every performer! So I'm only expecting to do 2, or at the most 3, songs, the first one being my weekly TV Theme - this week, there was only one choice. With the death of Bruce Forsyth, it has to be The Generation Game!
Nice to see you, to see you, nice....

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