Friday, 25 August 2017

The Perils of Bus Travel

I needed to go into Hereford for some ink for my printer, so I chose the 2.09pm service, so I could spend about an hour in town and then get the 15.55pm service back. I didn't want to hang around.
The roads between Hay and Hereford tend to be narrow, and it's a regular thing for the bus to slow to a crawl while another big vehicle (or at this time of year, tractor) inches by going the other way. One lorry today came towards the bus at some speed - there was a bang, and the bus's wing mirror knocked right off. I think that the lorry's wing mirror was knocked off, too, but he didn't stop. The car behind him did, and a lady in some sort of medical uniform - a nurse or a carer - came back up the road with a lump of wing mirror in her hand to show the bus driver. The bus driver got out and went with her behind the bus where the fragments of wing mirrors were scattered - but we weren't stopped for long. There was nothing else to do but carry on the route.

So I still had plenty of time to go up to the cartridge shop, up near Peacocks, to get my ink, and treat myself to a Doctor Who DVD from hmv (The Invasion - Patrick Troughton fights Cybermen in the 1960s).
I had less success with my other mission. I'm thinking about going to the World Science Fiction Convention in 2019, which will be held in Dublin, so I thought I'd look at local travel agents first to see what the options were for travel there. However, Tomsons seems to be more focussed on World Cruises and journeys to far-flung corners of the globe, and the little local shop near the bus station was locked up, so I'll be doing my research on the internet instead.

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Eigon said...

I'm told there's a travel agents in Brecon, so I might have a day out there to investigate, though the journey I'm planning turns out to be pretty straightforward - train from Hereford to Holyhead and ferry straight across to Dublin.