Friday, 29 September 2017

Building Work Starting

I walked down to the Co-op (treating myself to Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream!), and noticed that work seems to have started on the Bookers Edge housing development. At any rate, fences are up, site huts have arrived, and a drive has been started in the middle of the site, sloping up from the road.
I hope the problems about them agreeing to build affordable housing on part of the site have been sorted out.

Meanwhile, up Cusop Dingle, a small field by the road now looks like this:

The field seems to go with the house at the top of the picture, and there were signs up saying a security firm was watching the site. A couple of people I know were walking down the road as I was walking up, and told me that the stone wall along the footpath will be re-instated when they've finished.

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