Friday, 1 September 2017

Good Neighbours and Chance Encounters

One of my neighbours, just down the road, has just got a pair of loppers to use in her garden. She helped me with the mammoth task of pruning/chopping down the tree at the end of my garden in January, so she asked me if I'd like her old pair. The tree has shot up again, but at least the branches are quite thin at the moment, so I was very grateful for the offer. I had been thinking of asking to borrow them anyway, before things get too out of hand!

On the way back from the shops, I got talking to a visitor to Hay. It turned out that she has a local connection to Hay, - her grandmother was adopted, and didn't tell anyone until shortly before she died, but she was related to Mark Havard, who used to own the Londis shop now run by the Pughs. When the lady found this out, she got in touch with Mark Havard's mother, who has now died, and came to visit her several times. Today she'd walked across from Clyro, where she's staying. She's been enjoying seeing the countryside here, and she'd love to move up to this area from the Valleys, where she lives.

And when I got back from shopping, my next door neighbour had taken in a parcel for me - my posh tea has arrived! This batch came from a wonderful shop in Lincoln, the Imperial Tea Emporium, and the actual shop in in an 11thC stone building on Steep Street, right in the heart of the medieval part of the city. Sadly, they didn't have any of my favourite, Russian Caravan Tea, this time, so I got the next best thing - Georgian Style, and one from Sri Lanka called Lovers' Leap.

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