Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Chatting at Black Lion Green

When I went down to Black Lion Green the other day to take a photo of the bridge there (which is narrower at one end than the other), I bumped into someone I know who lives down there. We had a good chat about the local wildlife - he said he'd seen a huge dog otter in the area recently. Other people have seen it around, too, as well as kingfishers flying down the Dulas Brook.
He's also seen a few amusing things happening on the bridge.
There's a little gate at one end of the bridge, which is very easy to open, but one day he saw a chap who was going up into the field to do a bit of metal detecting, and this chap tried to open the gate the wrong way. It stuck, of course. The chap got more and more annoyed with the gate until he started hitting it with his spade - like something out of a silent movie!

Something else I noticed while I was at Black Lion Green was the circle of logs on the grass, which look as if they are for story telling, maybe for the Forest School? And they have a willow archway leading to them:

That's going to be fun to run through when it bushes out a bit!

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