Monday, 25 March 2013

What has been Occuring?

A lot has been happening in the week I spent off enjoying myself!

Powys County Council voted to build a new school on the present school site, with no involvement from the developer who had been part of the plan to build a supermarket there - but there's no more detail yet about how it will be funded or what will happen about a new community centre.

Peter and Martina Limbrick are collecting information on the dangers of wifi to children, in view of the proximity of the new O2 phone mast to the school.

Plan B for Hay have had their AGM, and decided to keep going as an organisation while they see what exactly the County Council are going to do.

Hay Together have been offered an office and meeting space in the Castle Courtyard, to use as a community hub. They are asking for help with office furniture, painting and decorating the office, and manning the office. Johnny Kramer is organising all this, and he can be found at The Bridge B&B.

And tonight I'm off to the Fairtrade meeting, to talk about future plans for Fairtrade events in Hay (see the FT blog on the sidebar).

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